Thursday, August 21, 2008


We learn something new every day.

Age and Growth - This species grows much more slowly than other members of the pike family. The maximum age is about eight years, but the usual life span is seven to eight years. There is little difference in growth between males and females, although females live longer. Redfin pickerels rarely exceed 12 inches long.

Sporting Quality - These pickerel are scrappy fighters, but its small size limits their popularity as sport fish. They can be caught on minnows, streamers, small spinners, spoons and plugs. Redfin pickerel are a lot of fun to catch on light spinning tackle.

Eating Quality - White, flaky, sweet-tasting meat, but quite bony.

World Record - 1.50 pounds, caught in Bluff Lake, South Carolina, in 1984.


Anonymous said... a pickerel that weighed a pound would be a pretty big deal...

EB said...

Wouldn't it just be easier to pick it up with your hand than to try to catch it on a line?
And why would you want to eat a fish that usually weighs less than a pound? That seems like more work than it's worth
Finally, what does this tiny little fish have to do with anything?

Philip L. Copeland said...

ever tried to catch a fish with your hand?

the fish is mentioned in the poem "Long Ago" in the previous post.

and . . . i am a teacher. i sometimes teach people about fish.

this fish-education moment happens to be the first, but i'm sure there will be another.

Anonymous said...

yeah, next we can talk about brim!


(also, totally told you- along with Mad- that it was a fish. :D )

EB said...

yes actually i have caught fish with my hands! I have a lakehouse so we did/do that a lot.

If you want an interesting fish to look at check out this "frankenfish"

i think you should write a song about it