Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Garota translation

Found here:

Olha que coisa mais linda
Look, what a most beautiful thing there

mais cheia de graça
moreover full of grace

É ela menina que vem e que passa
and she, this girl that comes and goes

nun doce balanço, caminho do mar ...
with this sweet, swinging gait, along the way to the sea. . . .

Moça do corpo dourado, do sol de Ipanema
The girl with this golden body from the Ipanema sun

O seu balançado é mais que un poema
Her swinging gait is more than a poem

é a coisa mais linda que eu já vi passar...
and the most beautiful thing that I ever saw go by

Ah! Porque estou tão sozinho
Ah! why am I so alone?

Ah! Porque tudo é tão triste
Ah! why is everything so sad?

Ah! A beleza que existe
Ah! the beauty that is there!

A beleza que não é só minha
The beauty that is not just mine . . .

que também passa sozinha
that is also passing by alone.

Ah! Se ela soubesse que quando ela passa
Ah! if she only knew that when she passes by

o mundo sorrindo
the world is smiling

se enche de graça
filling up with grace

e fica mais lindo
and turns more beautiful

por causa do amor
because of love

por causa do amor
because of love

por causa do amor
because of love


Anonymous said...

pretty poem

is this something we're going to sing?

G said...

We have a memory test on it tomorrow first thing. Didn't you get the email?

Anonymous said...

g, whoever you are, you owe me a new pair of pajama pants, because that last comment of yours just ruined mine...

Anonymous said...

ooooo are you guys singing this?? i love this song! hopefully you've got someone to do the vocal percussion this time...