Friday, March 27, 2009

The H. Schutz Perpetual Trophy: Adieu

Today we bid goodbye to the Heinrich Schutz Perpetual Trophy.
Choir, please repeat after me:

1. We bid the beautiful Heinrich Schutz Perpetual Trophy farewell
2. We send it, and our good wishes, back to Ireland.
3. In Ireland, You honored our German pronunciation . . .
4. You honored our careful attention to the baroque style . . .
5. We credit our German tutor Martin Schultz for a portion of this fine award
6. We also credit our own innate musical skills.

13. Indeed, we rejoice
14. As we deliver this trophy back to your fine country.
15. Long live the Cork International Choral Festival.
16. And God bless America.


Whitney said...

# 7-12 are where exactly?

Sadie said...

not fit for public consumption.

... but we're not bitter.

G said...

Did we ever have a brass plate engraved to show we were there?...

Philip L. Copeland said...

I think they will add us on there.