Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pictures, Promotions, Posters and a Press Release

To those who might be interested, we've got a press release out on the UAB webpage for our concert on October 24. It's got one picture from one of our performances in the Alys Stephens Center and two from the brief concert we did for the UAB Alumni. Pretty cool, huh?

I especially like this picture. I think I will print it somewhere and use it for other promotional purposes this year.

It is time to start TALKING UP our concert on Sunday, October 24. On Tuesday, I will have posters ready for you to distribute across town. I'd like you to put them in your dorms, churches, high schools, etc. I would love 1500 people to attend our concert on Sunday. Is it possible? I don't know . . . it's up to us to get the word out!


Sarah LH said...

wow that was alliteratively corny of you

Katie Mo said...

haha, hopefully not the only picture we'll ever get when all of us have our eyes on you :) i like that one too

scivley said...

hey, i gots a question... are you going to be calling any extra rehearsals for the concert??