Monday, October 11, 2004

Proud Father and More

All of you know about my girls, Catherine, Caroline, and Claire.

I just posted a recent picture of them on my website in case you'd like to see it. I'm incredibly proud of these girls. Tonight's victory was that we all climbed down the steps without falling.

Claire, technically the youngest and definitely the fattest, is the best climber. She's the one in the lower part of the picture. Catherine is her identical twin sister and she is doing OK with descending the stairs. Caroline was the slowest in getting down the stairs by herself. She was doing OK a couple of weeks ago in the descending mode before a nasty collision with Catherine who was on her way "up" the stairs.

Did you know that we multiple parents have online support groups? On this website, you can find fascinating discussions about White Cloud (walmart brand) diapers, new triplet moms, and even discussions about avoiding perverts who seek pictures of women with large pregnant bellies.

I think the neatest thing that i have seen in the past several days is this picture of the Hayes sextuplets. The six children - three boys and three girls - weighed a total of 24 pounds and 14 ounces, a world record for the heaviest set of sextuplets. All i can say is: wow.

And you thought this blog was just about choir?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I have twins too! Well, they are kittens but they are identical twins. I have named them Cloe and Zoe. I did not intend to keep them originally. A feral cat (their mother) took to feasting on the bluebirds I was trying to attract to my yard this past summer. Eventually she decided to make her new home under my tool shed, gave birth to the twins, and promptly departed this world. I felt that I was obligated to the kittens or that it was the will of providence or something.

I have since decided to keep them.
No bluebirds and lots of broken stuff in my house, but I think we will be a happy family eventually.