Monday, October 11, 2004

Tag Change

Following up on Charles' suggestion, the tag line to our "blog" now reads:

"the best singers performing the greatest music of all time"

It used to be:

"the best singers in Alabama performing the greatest music of all time"

Charles' first suggestion was:

"the best singer of all time (charles henry) and the best singers in Alabama performing the greatest music of all time"

Thanks, Charles, for letting me slightly modify your first suggestion.

of course, that last part was a joke . . .


Sarah LH said...

i suggest further revision to the tag: to foster a more "no-'I'-in-team", cohesive spirit, i move that the word "singers" be stricken and replaced with "choir". It just doesn't matter how good of singers we are, if we're not a CHOIR in voice and heart, we're nothing.

Anonymous said...

I know we are good and everything but I am afraid that this choir is going to get complacent and pretentious! We might be the best in the state but we are not the best in the country. We need to remember there are choirs that are much better than us out there and it’s not just UAB. For that reason, we as a choir should strive to become the best and strive to have humble attitudes! Choir is about us and not about I! I like the statement for the choir, but not some of the attitudes of certain people thinking they’re the best or that they’re the determining factor of their section. Every person in choir is essential because we would not be who we are without everybody in this group! I am sorry to step on toes but that needed to be said!!! We will be stronger when we are unified not when we are divided! I love you guys but we have to be humble about everything because if we don’t the desires for this choir will deteriorate!


Anonymous said...

There seems to be discontent in some people with the terms best and singers among other terms used. Try to remember that this is as Kevin says a group effort and in a group a family atmosphere is formed. In this family of singers there will be fights,friendships,and so many things that all families have to deal with daily. As I periodically talk to some of you through email or by phone I hear first the great things and always some of the not so great things that happen in choir. You are the greatest choir in Alabama and I think after moving to a new area the best choir in the southeast. Never let your differences with each other determine how you feel about each other or the choir. Our differences make us human, but agreeing to disagree makes us American. Now please stand for the national anthem...haha just kidding. Seriously, you guys are great and now as an outsider I want you to take the steps to become the greatest choir in the US like Ole Miss was a while back. I can't wait to hear the sounds you are making in a week...peace


Anonymous said...

After reading through the past two comments on this topic, I had to drink a glass of water. Not just because I was parched, but because my pride became caught on my oversized larynx on the way down. Yes, I am so proud to be a UAB Concert Singer that I let selfish pride overshadow teamwork and responsibility. Thank you Kevin! Thank you Nick! Now I feel ready to move on and work hard. Not to just be the best choir in the state or region, or even the world. But to become the best choir we can be, and I believe that is way higher a goal than vocal world domination. So I hold my curly head high as I gear up (and franticly beg family for $250) for France. Thanks for being such cool people to be forced to hang around.

Love in Christ!

Clayton Rector