Saturday, October 16, 2004

Random Thoughts

Great rehearsal last week, choirs, and I'm looking forward to Sunday at Mountain Brook Baptist Church. Remember, practice driving there--those roads in MB are quirky.

Radio show free download. Would you like to listen/download the wierd show I listen to at night? They are having a free MP3 download event this weekend. Topics include: 9-11 Enigmas, UFOs, Aliens & Underground Bases; Near Death Accounts; End Times Visions; and Investigating Skull & Bones.

Fall Concert: Since we are only doing one long set, I'm going to eliminate "I Have Had Singing" from the concert, even though we have it memorized. I'll give you a copy of the program next week. Chamber Singers will begin, followed by Women's Chorale, followed by Concert Choir.

Family Success: My sister-in-law just called and they are tailgating next to the Manning's at Ole Miss this weekend. She says they are all there--Archie, Peyton, Eli and the rest. Amy (Leigh's sister) has had a great week. She found out yesterday that she won a 2005 GMC Envoy. She's a drug rep for Abbott Laboratories and this was a national promotional for the person that sells the most drugs . . . we're very proud of her. Congratulations, Amy!

OK, that's it. It seems my blog to the choir occasionally explores family and other completely unrelated matters. I guess it is because you are an important group of people to me. Blessings to all!


Anonymous said...

as for me and my people, we really enjoy I Have Had Singing and are sorry to see it go. in fact, i think it might have been my favorite. so thanks a lot dr. copeland. if you hate me, you could just say it.

Clayton said...

I loved that song! While I am a bit... perturbed... I do trust you Copeland. I KNOW you wouldnt do us wrong. Hey by the way, you have inspired me to make my own blog. Its called "Notes on Clay". Yes, very corny, but its fun. and I can brush up on my writing skills!!! Ok here is the link:

Just cut copy paste if you cant click it!
thanks and God Bless!

Francesca said...

hows about it! after reading clay's post, i got to thinking that "wait a minute! didn't i start a blog once upon a time?" and it turns out i did, so i have been inspired to re-instate my blogging. however, i tried to post something and for whatever reason, my computers freaking out and won't let me post. but for anyone interested in a little retro-francesca thoughts (we're talking spring 2003 before i knew any of y'all) you can get a peek into my brain at:

it's your lucky day.

Katie Mo said...


Fussell said...

Hey Copeland,
My brother listens to that radio show. (I'm not talking about my useless brother who you dislike, I'm talking about my other useless brother that you don't know.) It's very...interesting. And I would know since I have been tied to a chair and forced to listen to that garbage on numerous occasions because my brother INSISTS that it is the greatest show on earth...Anyway, I am very dissapointed that we will not be singing my favorite song at the concert. Oh well.


Philip L. Copeland said...

Katie, i didn't realize you had another useless brother.

And, as far as the useless brother that i don't like--well, remember that i can't pick on him anymore. I made that pledge to him after he got me the Google email account.

So you've listened to my radio show . . . what did you think?