Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dziedot dzimu, dziedot augu

Look here for a website that features the Latvian song that will open our Spring concert. It is an incredible piece of music. Make sure you bring it to class next Monday (it was in the Fall packet).

The website.

The story behind the song:

For ages, Latvians have been recognised as a singing nation. This song tells about a girl who was born singing, grew up singing, and spent her lifetime singing. She met her death while she was singing in the garden of paradise. When she sang, the mountains shook and the forests resounded.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. That will sound great in Jesmison.

I would also like to reiterate the importance for everybody that happens to read over this blog before noon to attend the Quink Masterclass. I don't think alot of people realize that you get very few chances for something like this. Quink has been performing since the 80's, they are very talented, and for a group of this magnitude to visit UAB (from Holland no less) is an opportunity you guys cannot pass up.

It eats a hole in me that I can't attend, as I have a meeting I can't reschedule...but anybody that can attend please do! It will be worth it, I promise. They really are a class act, I've got some of their recordings somewhere if you guys want a listen.

That is all. See you all at the Recital Hall at 6:55 ^_^.


Sam said...

That story is really moving. I hope the sound fufills the story for me. I don't remember how it goes. I'm blogging again by the way, Dr. Copeland. Oohweee!

Grace-n-Glory said...

Matt and I just watched "THE SINGING REVOLUTION" its a wonderful documentary on Estonia's fight for independence that was begun at their song festival. You'll love it! Anyway did you know when I googled dziedot dzimu your blog was the first thing? I wasn't even looking for you! I was just hankering to hear the piece. Latvia's story is similar according to Doc. =) I was in Singers when he brought this back for us. Wish I had a recording from one of those concerts! What a great song...