Friday, February 02, 2007

Quink and UAB Chamber Singers

Here's another opportunity to give feedback: I'm interested in hearing your impressions of our time with Quink today.

I thought you sang the Rautavaara very well . . . and it got better the more you sang.

Post your impressions . . . I want to read them.

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Anonymous said...

I love master-classes. While they were absolutely wonderful performers, it took the two gentlemen a little too much time to say what they wanted. The accents and vowel fixes they offered were great, I think.

From their performance I noticed that while their vowels didn't appear the same at all, they blended perfectly. Also, their "k" and "c" initiations...stunning. It was obvious they listen to each other ever so carefully.

To whomever granted us this opportunity, thank you! We should do it more often.

~Lindsey Harrison