Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here's what I was talking about today:

April 24, 2007 (Tuesday)
An Evening with Eric Whitacre
Featuring world-renowned composer/musician, Eric Whitacre as guest conductor
Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts
University of Mississippi
7:00 P.M.
$10.00 General Admission, Free Admission to UM students with ID (complimentary tickets must be acquired before concert date)
Call (662) 915-7411 for ticket information.


Holly Jean said...

Is anyone planning on attending this? It's right in my neck of the woods.

Charles said...

road trip...i am goin

Anonymous said...

*makes plans to try and get to this*


scivley said...


Gregory said...

I wonder exactly when people are going to stop offering sacrifice at this altar...

I like the choral music. It's lush, and very colorful even if the compositional technique behind it isn't really to end the world, but it's an enjoyable listen. Dense, certainly, but not complex. And Polyhony, and ensemble that has far surpassed Chanticleer as my Choeur du Tout le Monde serves his music very well.

BUT."Paradise Lost" is enough to make me not be able to take him seriously. Have you heard it?! Commercial aspects aside, the music, the singing, was memorable only in its dreadfulness.

And he has this cult of undergraduates that for some reason, practically Evangelical in their fervor, have fantasies of this music taking over the world.

Good music, but he is not the Messiah.

Charles said...

I don't think that the undergraduates to which you refer have illusions that this choral music will replace the wonderful standards of the choral literature world. However, Mr. Whitacre has created beautiful compositions for the choral ensemble to enjoy and perform. Choral music is first an aural art, created for the experience of sound in time, with text that can elicit emotion greater than the instrumental realm in my humble opinion, no offence intended. Further, Mr. Whitacre's choral compositions give the amateur choir possibilities for growth as musicians. The close harmonies and cluster chords offer the chance to work on and improve tuning, blend, etc. Also, the utter simplicity found in other compositions offer a chance to focus not on technique, tuning, etc., but the emotion and expression that SHOULD be found in choral music. In regards to the opera, I haven't had a chance to hear it, but I don't think that one composition should erase the good work Mr. Whitacre has done otherwise as a composer.

Philip L. Copeland said...

This was my response to Greg (I emailed him):

I'm aware of his failure in opera but it doesn't matter . . . his choral music really touches others--including me, I must say! I am usually one to cringe at the most popular choral music, especially that of Stroope and Morten Johannes Lauridsen . . . but Whitacre is different. I'm moved by what he writes and the impact that he has had on other choral composers.

I'm still hoping that he moves into a second phase . . . one where he develops what he's started and evolves into what he might be.

We'll see.

delia said...

my aunt lives in oxford, might be able to hold a few more if anyone is interested...first come first serve!

Gregory said...


Your comment is wonderfully expressed and brings up a very valid point: namely that choral singing is first a sensous art, and at that Mr. Whitacre excels. I don't mean to come off as bitter as I do. I enjoy the music very much. I'll chalk that one up to a bad day.

But anyone who gets people excited about new music is cause for celebration. Anyone who choses to write beautiful music should be commended for making a lifechoice that takes bravery in a musical climate that seems to laud the avant-garde and condemn the sincere.

What I'm saying is that I had no business slamming a fellow musician. We're all in this together.


Philip L. Copeland said...

Well said, Greg. As I read over my response, I see I'm guilty of criticizing other conductors. I'll let it stand--cause hey, it's my blog.

Anonymous said...

You should post another blog soon. I am beginning to think you forgot the web address.

j hood

Anonymous said...

But seriously...

I know there are some interested parties out there, is there any carpool of sorts in the works?

Right now I'm arranging for myself and my brother to go.