Saturday, December 08, 2007

CAA: Dress Rehearsal Schedule

8:00 UAB and Birmingham Concert Chorale seated
UAB on Jemison Stage
BCC in choral balcony (Jemison)
BCC runs their set
UAB runs Nunc, Christmas Song

8:40 Brass downbeat: Willcocks: The First Noel
Rehearse Gabrieli “Canzon noni toni” (Brass Only)

9:00 Samford arrives and is seated

Gabrieli: Et In Terra Pax
Pinkham: 3rd Movement
Handel: And the Glory (brass is dismissed)
Birmingham Concert Chorale dismissed
UAB runs “Rune of Hospitality” with Joel Smith, guitar
UAB dismissed

10:00 Samford runs set

10:30 ASC closes

Call Times for Sunday, December 9, 2007]

Birmingham Concert Chorale: 2:00 Hulsey Recital Hall
UAB: 2:00 Hulsey 210 (Band room)
Samford: 2:00 Hulsey 308 (Choir room)


G said...

Jason-If you read this, please remember to bring Sadie her pitch pipe today!-Nancy

Toni said...

Ha... I love how one song has my names in it, Miss you guys!