Thursday, December 13, 2007

Results of Today's Work

Rune of Hospitality
Nunc Dimittis (Holst)
Christmas Song (version 1)
Christmas Song (version 2)


Anonymous said...

Everything is pretty! In comparison with the recording you gave us of Rune, Joel definitely needed his own microphone.

~Jenny Rebecca

Katie Elizabeth said...

I agree with Jenny... you can't really hear the guitar very well.

I like the Christmas song in F. Whitney rocks it... and, the "dun dun dun" part sounds really cool.

The only think I could really comment on is the pureness of our vowels. There are a few places that just really stand out... usually with "oo" and "oh" in Rune. I think it might be because we were all trying not to go flat... so, our placement moved forward, and our vowels became more, umm, "shallow".

The beginning of Nunc is really good! The men are barely even there... I like it. I wish the women had been able to sneak in a little more. The end was amazing, too. Yay.

Anonymous said...

Rune...I think that Joel not having his own mic added to the magic. It was a "surprise" for us to stop and then this sound continue on. Great.

Nunc...Lovely. Second tenors could come out during their run on the last page, but I'm partial. And the word "domine" at around measure 15ish has several different sounds. Can't wait to do this across the pond.

Christmas song...def option 1. Love the bouncing on "nipping at your nose." And the award for the most awesome chord of the semester goes to.......The word "fire". Nice.

~Lindsey Harrison

Anonymous said...

i'd just like to state for the record... the first Christmas song is in E, the second is in Eb. there is no F.

thank you.

~Sadie (pitch pipe blower extraordinaire)

John Cosby said...

The Nunc was great, Philip. You and your choir really captured it and made it your own. The recording is great - wish I could hear it myself. Maybe someday :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say i wasnt real impressed with Rune... I thought we sounded great when we were singing but i dont feel like we sounded that wonderful in the recording...

Nunc was glorious!! We sound fantastic not to mention its a fabulous piece! By far my favorite and I love how soft we start..a little more mysterious

I definately like the 1st Christmas Song better its more exciting and Whitney sparkles more in the higher key!

Sam and Link are ROCKIN those solos!

Im soo proud to be in our choir!

~Sami Ashley