Saturday, November 01, 2008

Beautiful in Louisville, Excited in Cincinnati

Some good news on the choir tour trail:

1. A fantastic concert in Louisville, KY. The choir sang with excitement, beauty, and warmth. Many friends, former professors, and former choir members were in the audience. Lindy Ebbs, a friend of mine from SBTS, said "they are glad i got to hear them and to see you."

We were complimented on our German as well as our Portuguese. We were complimented on our passion and our difficult program.

I was very pleased.

2. We heard three choirs last night: Eastman, Lamar University, and North Texas State. Jerry McCoy's bunch from Texas was the clear favorite of the choir. They sang with incredible power and richness.

We're excited about performing our program this afternoon. We are looking forward to singing a memorized program, performing with emotion, and making great music.

And we'll be home very late tonight.


Anonymous said...

The North Texas State choir was AMAZING! Flawless singing! Along with Louisville!

Anonymous said...

We did well today, guys. It's an honor singing with you.