Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bizarre Update to Previous News Post

This struck me as bizarre to read about it one day and see it disappear the next.

The story is here.

University of Alabama at Birmingham pulls plans to buy hotel

The University of Alabama at Birmingham withdrew a proposal today to buy a hotel on University Boulevard near Interstate 65, which it had planned to demolish along with an adjoining Waffle House.

UAB had put its request to buy the Medical Center Inn on the agenda for the University of Alabama Board of Trustees meeting. But during a meeting today of the committee that would have approved it, it withdrew the request.

The $3.2 million plan would have allowed UAB, which already owns the land the hotel is built on, to buy and tear down the building, possibly to make room for more athletic fields. UAB spokesman Gary Mans said only that the school was not ready to move forward.



G said...

"Miracles DO Happen, Daddy..."

Anonymous said...

Wise decision, UAB..

Anonymous said...

what the heck does uab need more athletic fields for anyway? i mean really.... more athletic fields isnt going to improve on blazer football, lets just be honest... why cant we just focus on things we're good at? geeeeze