Monday, November 24, 2008

Is this right? Chamber Singers?

UAB Chamber Singers

Crooks, Katie N.
Daniel, Kelsey E.
Foster, Meredith L.
Moore, Brianna L.
Nelson, Terri R.
Pace, Samantha L.
Palmore, Dana E.
Pender, Kristen H.
Prime, Keisha T.
Reeves, Leah E.
Roche, Jacquelyn M.

Cummins, Whitney S.
Devasure, Audrey R.
Fisher, Jennifer J.
Guthrie, Rebekah G.
Hoang, Thy T.
Holler, Madison C.
Johnson, Jessica E.
Whatley, Crystal L.
Williams, Jasmine M.
Wittkop, Caitlin E.
Smith, Catherine E.
Putt, Staci D.

Byars, Nathan P.
Cruce, Michael K.
Daniel, Charles E.
Dees, Michael
Denton, Brian K.
Kunkel, Mark T.
Lightfoot, Robert W.
Lingerfelt, Lindsey H.

Barbee, Christopher M.
Baxter, Ronald D.
Beatty, Justin H.
Evans, Adam R.
Goodwin, Charles G.
Henderson, Tyler D.
Hyde, Andrew J.
Sutton, Christian


StaciDarling said...

An update. Yes!!

As for me, I think I'm in the right place. I get confused sometimes :P

Anonymous said...

I'm an alto...

-Katie Crooks

Anonymous said...

Buda is in chamber and he is a Bass

Anonymous said...

Jen Fisher:

Yes that right (as far as I know), unlike the listing in the "chamber of shepherds" from Amahl program...*I'm still pouting*

Anonymous said...

er..."chorus of sheperds"

Matthew said...
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Anonymous said...

Jen Fisher:

I still see a couple people missing: EB, Kioshi...maybe others...

EB said...

Yes EB is indeed missing!

Anonymous said...

Audrey DeVasure is a