Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet a real facebook stalker

In today's Alabama News:

Court records show Vance gained control of his victims' Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook and MySpace accounts using several means. In interviews with the FBI, Vance said he would contact his victims through instant messaging and pretend to be a friend or a relative. He convinced some victims to give him their login and password information, saying he was locked out of his own Facebook, MySpace or e-mail account.

He also pretended to be a secret admirer and got his victims to answer intimate questions about their bodies and sexual experiences by promising to reveal his identity after they provided the answers. He then threatened to publicize the information if the victim didn't provide password information.

In more complicated instances, Vance hacked into his victims' e-mail accounts using information from public Facebook pages, which included information such as birth dates, the names of the victims' schools and their hometowns. Password protection on the e-mail accounts would use standard questions such as ZIP code, date of birth or school mascot. Once Vance had control of an e-mail account, he would go to Facebook, pretend he forgot the password and have Facebook send a link to the victims' compromised e-mail account. Vance changed the passwords, locking the victims out of their accounts.

Vance threatened to expose embarrassing details he learned if he didn't get nude photos. He also promised some victims he would relinquish control of the accounts in exchange for nude photos. Most did not meet his demands, but at least two minors and one adult did.

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Wow- looks like you have your whole summer planned out for you-that's a lot to learn in a few short months! Aren't mentors wonderful?...