Friday, April 17, 2009

UAB in the news

Looks like we are consolidating before we restructure:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham plans to restructure two of its schools, dropping one department in each, officials said today.

The proposal will help with efficiency and collaboration, said UAB Provost Eli Capilouto, who presented it to the academic affairs committee of the UA System Board of Trustees in Huntsville. The committee approved the plans and the full board will vote Friday.

Under the proposal, the school of business will go from four departments to three: Accounting and Finance; Management, Information Systems and Quantitative Methods; and Marketing, Industrial Distribution and Economics.

The school of social and behavioral sciences will drop from six departments to five. Anthropology will join the history department, and what is now the department of anthropology and social work will become the department of sociology and social work.

And this interesting tidbit is in the comments - is it true?

UA Football is not funded by the general revenues of the UA System. UA Football and the entire UA Athletic Dept is self sufficient. UA Athletics actually contributes at least $1 million annually back to UA academics.

Your statement would be correct if you change it to:

How about UAB academic programs not having to support UAB athletics.

Check out the UAB budgets and you will find that UAB Athletics receives millions of dollars (at least $7 million in some recent years) from UAB general funds. I am sure the Provost can provide you with the exact amounts that UAB Athletics has drained from UAB Academics.

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