Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ACDA Update

Other choirs on our Concert Session:

Georgia Southern Chorale (Rod Caldwell)
W.T. Woodson HS Select Women's Ensemble (Michael Erlich)
U. of Georgia Women's Glee Club (Mitos Andaya)
U. of Alabama (that is us!)

(being last is a good thing, fyi)


Sarah LH said...

is that how we're listed? u. of alabama? that continually bothers me- its almost like uat gets credit for what we're doing half the time.

Philip L. Copeland said...

I sent this email to the one handling the choirs at the convention:

thanks so much for the info about the concert session. I posted this to my blog (http://uabchoirs.blogspot.com/) and one of the students wanted me to make sure we were called the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It is a fair request . . . in France we were known as the University of Alabama but in our state that usually means the university in Tuscaloosa. We don't want them to get any credit for our accomplishments!

Thanks . . .I know you understand . . . just wanted to make it clear.

Tara said...

Nicely put, Dr. Copeland... :-)