Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UAB Concert Choir Fall 2005

UAB Concert Choir Fall 2005

Soprano 1
  1. Erin Pair

  2. Lindsey Tuller

  3. Sarah Green

  4. Samantha Pace

  5. Ashley Arrington

  6. Meredith Foster

Soprano 2
  1. Maggie Hendricks

  2. Jennifer Scivley

  3. Kristina Banks

  4. Jackie Roche

  5. Marybeth Verchot

  6. Shelly Ann Edge

  1. Lauren Askew

  2. Rachel Hicks

  3. Katie Krauss

  4. Katie Movelle

  5. Holly Sawardecker

  6. Maggie Malone

  7. Jessica O’Leary

  8. Jessica Marshman

Alto 2
  1. Whitney Sims

  2. Lauren Davidson

  3. Diedra Brown

  4. Meghan Granlund

  5. Electa Taylor

  6. Lauren Stephens

Tenor 1
  1. Patrick Williams

  2. Josh Noland

  3. Sean Fleishman

  4. Andy Smith

  5. James Desta

Tenor 2
  1. David Berg

  2. Anthony Concepcion

  3. Wes Edgar

  4. Stephen Han  

  5. Jon Hood

  6. Thomas Nelson

Bass 1
  1. Charles Henry

  2. Chris Reid

  3. Clay Rector

  4. Evan Long

  5. Luke Boone

  6. Martin Schultz

  7. Jason Leger

  8. Keith Kendrick

Bass 2
  1. Chris Carter

  2. Andrew Granlund

  3. John Howard

  4. Chris Josof


Clayton said...

who's lindsey tuller?.... OOOOOOOOOh. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I will miss you guys, and I can not wait to hear you!

Sarah LH said...

congrats to a fab group! holla to luke and sciv!

Raul V said...

Hello everyone, this is Chris Josof. The New Zealand link on the side is out of date... the new title is "New Zealand..." because I forgot my password to the other. The link to that much more active blog is...

have fun with it!

OH. and ps. I also have a picture blog at


Katie Mo said...

yay! awesome! haha, there were so many great voices - i was so nervous!!!

ewaroach said...

hey guys its Jackie Roche! my blog is...
I'm SO excited to be singing with you guys!