Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It didn't take long to find

Secretive choir girl who blogs quickly discovered by computer literate choir director.

I think we can help her with three things she wants to do before she dies:

1. sing at the met or on broadway
2. go to Europe and perform there
3. Get married and have a family

Who knows? With our current success at matchmaking and marraige forming within the choir we might take care of #3 within two years . . . . If we are lucky we'll take care of #2 next June or July and maybe we can get her an audition during our New York visit.


Katie Mo said...

but wouldn't you possibly like to look at it the other way, given all the broken relationships our choir seems to experience?
maybe i'm just a pessimist.
or maybe i think it's hilarious.

Holly Jean said...

Completely unrelated. Have you seen this article?

It amused me.

Raul V said...

haha Wild Whitney! ask her about that one!

Whitney said...

Do you have any idea how horrified I was when I saw my face up here?! I think I'll need a while to recover... Thanks a lot Dr. C.!

Marybeth Verchot said...

This made me laugh.