Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's about time

From the "It's about time" category, I present this wonderful development:

I knew something was up when I was able to access AT&T wireless from the Homewood Starbucks on Sunday morning.

I think the service started on Monday or Tuesday . . . so this Thursday post is a little late. It's still a good thing and long overdue.

Now . . . visit your local Starbucks. They need the business and I need my java huts to remain open.

I just realized how many times a week I go to Starbucks:

Sunday: Visited Homewood Starbucks between church services.

Monday: Starbucks in Vestavia City Center - this used to be my favorite place but others moved in.

Tuesday: Starbucks on Hwy 31 - the new one. Enjoyed an extended time with Libby Hearn. The weather was good and the coffee was delicious. We talked about Birmingham Concert Chorale and Jennifer Thorpe.

Wednesday: Starbucks in Homewood. My favorite. Meeting with Larry Hardin about possibilities for Birmingham related to choral music.

Thursday: I've not been anywhere yet but the clock is still ticking . . . I'm a cup low this morning after I shattered a hot mug of coffee as it slipped from my hand. Only a minor cut, but 16 glorious ounces of black gold all over the kitchen floor.


Jennifer said...

did you have to say you talked about me?

cap'n said...

i work 3:45-10:45 tonight if ya wanna drop in.

Anonymous said...

All partners get a free unlimited wifi account! They say that makes up for the meager pay we earn...

G said...

Well, I WAS looking for another excuse to go to Starbucks...

Anonymous said...

y'know, my coffee house has free wifi... ALL THE TIME.

so there.