Thursday, June 12, 2008

prayers and condolences for nebraska and iowa

lots of sadness in the world the past couple of days with the tornado in omaha and the flooding in iowa.

it's easy to completely miss what else is going on in our nation but there are some real tragedies pretty close by.

read firsthand accounts of the tornado here . . . four young boy scouts killed.

Pie Jesu, Pie Jesu
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem

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Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk said...

My cousins live in Parkersburg, Iowa, which was all but leveled by a tornado last month. Houses further down their block were reduced to rubble; theirs somehow escaped damage. I'm pained thinking of them huddling in their basement--under the stairwell, because they weren't sure if being in the basement was safe enough--holding their kids and wondering if they'd live through it.