Thursday, April 15, 2010

Concert Choir - Spring 2010 Songs and Soloists


Mate Saule
Peteris Vasks, (b. 1946)

Regina Caeli
Cecilia McDowall, (b. 1951)

There Will Be Rest
Frank Ticheli, b. 1958

Sourwood Mountain
~arr. John Rutter, b. 1945
Lincoln Parrot, tenor
Tony Morse, bass

Black Sheep
arr. John Rutter, b. 1943
Sadie Mason-Smith, soprano

Roll, Chariot
Noble Cain, 1896 - 1977
Shane Bloemetjie, tenor


Chris Reid said...

Does Tony not have a last name?

Looks like a good lineup, but I'm forced to ask, what happened to "Laura"?

Philip L. Copeland said...


Tony is Tony Morse. Will put that in the post.

Laura ran out of time. She was too complicated so we cut our losses when time ran short. She will live again one day.