Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updates and Reminders

Updates and Reminders

1. Recording Session - Thursday, 6:30 @ Bluff Park (Bluff Park has now confirmed - 8:06 a.m.)

2. 8:00ish - End of the Year choir party is Thursday Night after the recording session. Place is still TBA - waiting for confirmation on place/food.

3. No recording session on Friday - you are free! We need to get all we can on Thursday night, so come ready to do your best.


Lori said...


Anonymous said...

when you say waiting on confirmation, does that mean we have a tentative place we haven't heard back from, or that we tentatively know a place that isn't decided on yet?

Anonymous said...

that was me, btw.

Philip L. Copeland said...

whenever i say tentative, it means I am waiting on something - usually to hear back from something.

Sami Ashley said...

any updates?
Sami Ashley