Friday, March 11, 2005

ACDA Southern Division: Charleston 2006

ACDA Southern Division: Charleston 2006: "Feb. 22-25, 2006 in Charleston, West Virginia"

It's a goal of mine to sing at the ACDA Southern Division in 2006. I've had it on my long-term set of goals for quite a while and our chance will arrive soon. To get there, we have to submit a recording by April 20, 2005. I'll submit recordings from the past three years, including one from this year's choir. (A conductor is required to be at a place for three years before applying)

The only problem is, we haven't recorded anything that I'd want to submit just yet.

Put it on your list of things that we will do in the coming weeks: a recording session or two (or three). It is also a great way of "practicing like we perform" so that we can "perform the way we practice."

Opera tonight!

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