Friday, March 04, 2005

Someone Read My Entire Blog. Almost. 1 sitting.

Check this out:

The picture is from my sitemeter--a little program that allows me to see information about how many people visit my blog, how long they stay, and how many pages they viewed. I found it interesting that someone visited and stayed nearly two hours! That is alot of UAB choir info they just took in!

One wonders:

1. what must they think of what we are doing?
2. why would someone want to read this thing for two hours? wasn't something good on TV last night?

But hey, I guess blogs are meant to be read, eh?

1 comment:

Sarah LH said...

actually, i don't think i found anything good on tv thursday night either. and how do you do all that cool stuff where you can find out who's been readin your blog, and link to other people's blogs and all that?
i'd really like to know.