Friday, March 04, 2005

Comments from Lambuth good for UAB


There is a student from Lambuth who made some great comments on their blog that I want you to see. It highlights some recent conversations we've had lately. I made some slight adjustments to the wording, but the thoughts are his. You can find the total post here.

how we should exit and enter . . .

It's all part of the show people. Audiences get their first impression on how the choir or performers enter the stage. In fact, it should be performance time as soon as we arrive to the destination. It shows great professionalism and discipline also.

The visual aspect (faces!)
Another reason I think the folders hold us from being top notch is that they keep us from being expressive. Visuals always help the audience enjoy what they are watching. You really can't do it if your face is burried in your folder. I've heard all types of choirs and one thing that some of us don't understand is how much are you willing to sell what you are singing/telling the audience. You have to make the audience experience any emotion that you are singing. When you are able to do that, then you form a connection to them and in turn you connect with each other on stage and it can be magical. Yes, I said magical! I've experienced it before. I would like to experience it again.

Well said, don't you think?

Of course, the visual part I'm addressing in class has nothing to do with folders, it has everything to do with how you look on stage. Or . . . how you don't look.

I especially like the part about making the connection with the audience and each other. Leave your inihibitions behind and FEEL what we are singing. Our repertoire is diverse and enlightening. Immerse yourself in it and live what we sing.

A special word of thanks to Stephen A. from Lambuth. You inspired me.

And to everyone else . . . Word to your mother.

(i also read that on a Lambuth post)
(Eric Whitacre would be proud--word up. peace out. word out. peace up. wordpeace. worldpeace. up out. out up.)


Clayton said...

You are one "special" person. I did like the comment that the lambuth student made. I think we should spend some amount of class time on the issue. Maybe a video tape of Ole Miss would give us an example to follow. I feel happy and confident on stage and I think that I am showing that in my face. It would be nice to see an example to reinforce the issue. Ok. thats all. Im going to make like a baby and head out.

Peace motha.

Katie Mo said...

um, awesome post, but i think you're a little jumbled on the jargon side ;) perhaps we can find a homie who's down with the lingo and take lessons!
...after the French, we conquer 80's Ebonics. YES!

Katie Mo said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm with're crazy

Anonymous said...

by the way....that was from LAUREN