Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Audition day approaches

Audition day approaches, everyone!

I'm very interested in not having most of our Friday classes in Concert Choir. For that to happen, we all would need to commit to a Saturday choir retreat at the beginning of school.

The best date for that is after the first few days of class: Saturday, August 25th.



Chris R. said...

That works for me. It would be kind of nice to have Fridays off.

Brian said...

Sure, that sounds great!

Anonymous said...

would it be possible to go to the saturday thing and still make it to a party that night... say a birthday party for a parental figure... say one that conveniently is open invitation to the entire choir and especially to the awesome conductor and his children and spouse... say a party with a moonwalk and live band?

juuuuust wondering.


Anonymous said...

Ha...cute Sadie, but he'll only go for it if there are balloon animals. I say a resounding YES to the Saturday camp thing and thus no Fridays. Yes. Yes. Yes.

~Lindsey Harrison