Friday, August 24, 2007

Freshman blog report

A certain freshman has a blog that I discovered this morning. This particular freshman looks to have professed secret love for another member of the choir.

What should I do?


Mr. Henry said...

what do you always do?

Raul V said...

Don't you just love Technorati?!

Katie Elizabeth said...

how fun... =-/

I think you should inform the poor kid about private and friends-only entries... haha

mbverch said...

Don't be mean to the newbies. : (

Anonymous said...

what is more important...what in the world kind of desk is that? all kinds of special.

but should tell us. none should be exempt from the red face, immediate sweat, awkward silence, all to be followed by an equally damaging statement from their roommate.

tis indeed, a true uab choir rehearsal.

~lindsey harrison