Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Fantastic Day

Tremendous job today, everyone!

Super big thanks to Jonathan: Retriever of the Donuts
And Erin: Dispenser of Juice and Milk
Starbucks: Who doth supply milk and honey and dark ale whenever asked

I had quite a caffeine and sugarbuzz there for awhile . . .

The rehearsal was incredibly beneficial. There were 1-2 from every section not there and I knew about every absence, I think. For those of you not there, here's what we did:

Most note chasing work on:
Lay a Garland (Pearsall): Fantastic work on this piece. We know all the notes 93% solid. Will solidify and memorize very soon.

Worked notes on certain sections in these pieces:
1. Black is the Color (Clausen): Opening pages, solidified notes. Some breath marks--get those from neighbors when you return. Go over the notes on your own time.

2. O Sacrum Convivium (Miskinis): Worked "Mens . . . . " through bottom of next page.

3. Laura (Liebau)

4. Garden of the Seraglio (Stenhammar)

Introduced these pieces:
Dresden Meditation (Bernhardt). This looks like a real winner and wonderfully matched to our choir's abilities.

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Anonymous said... completely moved me. It's going to be hard to rehearse this and not cry each time. This Saturday thing is great!

~Lindsey Harrison