Friday, August 17, 2007

For the organizationally challenged

Hi, I'm organizationally challenged.

I was not born to organize but I have learned some skills in that area (and continue to learn). If you need help, you might want to check out this blog: Unclutterer. It's had quite a bit of impact on me lately and it talks about college student organizing today in "managing collegiate paperwork."

From the post:

My first piece of advice is to get your hands on Captio’s CollegeCase or a similar product. I wish I would have had something like this back in my undergraduate days. In times of emergencies, being this organized would have really helped. If you’re ever burglarized, in a car wreck, curious as to which cafeterias your meal plan includes, you can find all of these answers in one well-designed notebook.

My second piece of advice is to read David Allen’s Getting Things Done and implement his system. Instead of dragging a large filing cabinet around with you, though, I suggest using a portable file case. A concise review of the system and how it can be applied to a college student’s needs can be found on the Colorado College website here.

Check it out.

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