Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chamber Choir Tonight


Jeans, black shirt.
Choir room 6:15.

Look over your music today.

It's 12:42 in my world. Are you awake yet?


Anonymous said...

check and check.

my world began at 10:32 thank you. oh and...go miss. state and WAR EAGLE (please)

~lindsey harrison

Cherith said...

I liked the jeans and black tonight. I saw the grandmother of one of my students in the audience tonight - she was sitting right behind you - knitting. :) And at 12:42 students were getting ready to begin the second performance in their run of The King and I (the third performance of which I missed tonight.) I thought tonight was well received - I saw lots of smiles.

Justin B. said...

I don't think that I was too happy about tonight's performance. It was ok, but there were definately some off points during the performance that kinda threw me off. You had a few looks on your face that threw me off too, but I guess I'm happy if you're happy.