Friday, November 09, 2007

What a great night . . . .

The opera scenes recital was fabulous. All involved did a superb job and I was very proud of everyone.

So many highlights . . .

Hilarious moments with Kiyoshi/Howard, Marybeth, Sam/Meredith (megan).
Tender moments with Kiyoshi/Marybeth.

The bearded lady was too much (in a very funny way). Loved the color in Katie's voice . . . the duet with Meredith was wonderful.

Loved seeing Jonathan and Chris Reid up there leading the way and sounding so good. It was fun to see those Baptist boys in devious roles.

Crystal was wonderfully animated and brave. Sam was at her sassy best.

Brian was superb. So was Sean Fleischman. Three great tenors tonight!

Whitney sang better than I've ever heard her. So did Meredith.

I don't think I left out anyone . . . apologies if I did!


Katie Elizabeth said...

Thanks! Taped-on beards are really painful to remove in a hurry... =-/ not something I plan on doing again anytime soon. My little brother liked it too, though. =-D

I thought the whole show rocked! Yay everyone!

And, thanks for coming! And for giving us choir time to rehearse in the Hulsey Recital Hall... we really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I thought the entire night went very well. There was some serious talent on that stage.
Good job all of you!

Chris R. said...

I can be devious when I want to be.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was fun trying something outside of my comfort zone.

G said...

The moments I really thought stood out were the scene w/ Kiyoshi and Marybeth-it was the clearest relationship of any scene. Very honest, simple, touching. Kiyoshi is always so compelling to watch. Really nice work, both of you.