Monday, November 12, 2007

A note to Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers . . . a note to you from William Carter:

Dear Phil,

Your singers sounded wonderful Saturday evening. They really brought the poems and music to life. We enjoyed it thoroughly. And your singers have such good accents and I didn't spot a single one of my students among them. You're doing a great job and please know how grateful we are and thank your students. If you or they ever need (apparently you don't!) coaching in French, I am happy to volunteer. Hope to see you soon.


My Response:

Thanks so much!

All the credit for the French goes to our outstanding new voice teacher, Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk. I heard her help a student with his French diction in her job interview/audition and I started planning French repertoire then!

It's quite hard for me to do the French diction, so I rarely make the attempt. Working with Kris has been wonderful.


Justin B. said...
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Justin B. said...

This almost makes me feel better since they probably couldn't tell that we messed up(or they we're just being nice), but then again, they usually can't tell.
I guess I still don't know...
But I think you're doing a great job. Right now I have no regrets about college, and I think a lot of it's because you've given us so many chances to shine and be great. I can also tell that I've improved a lot since that day in your office when you crushed my self- esteem by telling me that I sing like a little boy. I got over it though.
Sorry to ramble on about this, I figured I'd have to tell you sooner or later. So at least it's not us talking face to face and having to deal with that weird awkwardness... and I'm doing it again.
The End.