Saturday, May 24, 2008

Creating a new standard: Clarifying Expectations

I've been inspired by Dr. Kris' syllabus to clarify my expectations for UAB Choirs. Pay attention to these standards . . . you will see them on the syllabus soon.

90-100% = A (Excellent: exceeds expectations)

The Rehearsal Standard
o Brings music and pencil to every rehearsal
o Marks music with rehearsal comments and language pronunciations and language translations
o Seldom or never excuses self from choir for bathroom or water
o Follows appropriate role in choir as either section leader or section member
o Proper hygiene standards

The Attendance Standard
o Two unexcused absences or less. If absent, calls Dr. Copeland.
o Three tardies or less; always calls section leader if going to be tardy
o Attends all recording sessions, sectional rehearsals

The Performance Standard
o Has all music memorized by deadlines
o Sings with animated face, vocal nuance, keeps eyes on conductor
o Arrives at called time warmed up, dressed appropriately, ready to sing
o Proper Uniform at all concerts, Excellent Hygiene,
o Females: Designated lipstick, Hair pulled back, Black hose, low heeled shoe
o Males: face appropriately shaven

The Communication Standard:
o Follows choir blog for pertinent news
o Communicates promptly with director concerning emergencies, conflicts, potential problems that interfere with choir.


Harry Miree said...

Speaking of grades...

Anonymous said...

i love the hygeine comments- i laughed out loud

j hood

Anonymous said...

Must never marry before 25...

Why is that not on there? :)

G said...

That's THE most important one!!!!! Even above hygiene!...Well,I'm not sure I'd go that far...

Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk said...

I'm humbled that I actually inspired YOU.