Saturday, May 03, 2008

We're proud of our performance!

We won't know the results until tomorrow, but the choir feels fantastic about the performance (and so do I)!

We sang with great passion, sensitivity, and authority. We were different from the other choirs in some pretty profound ways . . . but it's all up to the judges.

More later. There is a reception to attend . . . . .



Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you all.
I so wish this was one concert i could have attended.
The results of the competition are irrelevant to ARE the best ...and will always be my favorite choir!
Now, relax and enjoy the rest of your trip.
I know you were well prepared and gave it your best.
Just wish i could have watched your faces...
My love,
Mommy Mo

Ashley said...

Well, Mommy Mo, I have video I'll try to post so you can see us sing. Check

I had a great time singing last night. My face was shaking from smiling so much. I felt like we exuded confidence and pride for our choir, our country, our school and of course our music. I was worried because I didn't know how we measured up to other choirs since we hadn't heard any anothers perform...but when we went out to listen afterwards I realized we were right in stride with everyone else if not a step ahead of them. Performing for an attentive, interested audience is a thrill like none other. I could see people's reactions out of my peripheral vision and that really encouraged and excited me even more. I also think we stood out in a number of ways. We had by far the biggest sound. Other choirs were good at the controlled chamber choir-esque sound, but that got boring very quickly. However, there was no way anyone could sleep through any song in our set. Every song was exciting in some way. Our songs were impeccably chosen and executed. I think we had just the right mix of control and exuberance in our sound. Also I think we had the biggest and best dynamic compared with other choirs. We did a great job at looking excited too. Some choirs (like Canada) just looked dead. Another aspect that set us apart was the mix of traditional choir "block chords" and dissonant sounds in our literature; at first I was worried that other European choirs were singing all this avant garde literature, but they ALL did it (either that or very controlled chamber music). We stood out in a sea of strange, almost experimental pieces by singing a more traditional but still exciting set. I think we provided great examples of exciting choral singing and showed everyone that, yes, Americans can sing too!

As we sang I thought about what Dr. C said about all of our songs having a certain universality to them -- that is what this whole experience has been for me. We've gotten to meet people from all over the globe, and despite our differences we all share a love of choral music. It is a source of passion and joy for all of us or else we wouldn't be here. When we hit the phrase "until the universe can fit inside my heart" I could feel the love and warmth in the room. I felt a definite appreciation for what we were doing up there from people of all walks of life. That caused a revelation in me -- that we're all just people, no matter what or where we come from. Music is the single thread that ties us all together and it is truly a universal language.

Anonymous said...


delia said... the results!!! I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

Man! I am so pumped for you guys! I have been re-living the France trip that I went on. Great life experiences were had by all on that trip and I hope you all have them in Ireland. I am on the edge of my seat!