Friday, October 17, 2008

Beyond Words

Just a short note about the concert . . . I'm a bit exhausted.

I was extraordinarily proud of UAB Concert Choir tonight . . . you guys were as "on" as I've ever seen you.  Surpassed Ireland and every other previous concert that we've had, I think.  (but sometimes i forget)

A high water mark, I think.  I'll let others weigh in and see what they thought.

One Word Reviews:

Alleluia:  Magical.
Lobet:  Intimate.
Sacrum:  Holy.
Long Ago:  Introspective.
Garota:  Energy.
Country Dances:  Funny.

Congratulations, everyone.  And President Garrison was there.


Anonymous said...

uab concert choir is my anti-drug, it keeps me above the influence... because it gets me higher than anything else

tonight ruuuuuuuuuuuuuled

Marybeth said...

I really enjoyed the last concert. BCC was awesome. I was really surprised and delighted by the sense of cohesiveness among the UAB group members throughout the concert. My favorites were Alleluia, Sacrum, and Long Ago, but everything was good. Be proud of a great concert. : )

MadBon said...

last night was fan-freaking-tastic. thoroughly awesome. now i'm losing possible words to describe it.

Nicholaus said...

The UAB Concert Choir was stunning last night. I told Dr. Copeland that the concert last night was the best I have ever heard the UAB Concert Choir sound. I also noticed that everyone was united in a kind of choral's hard to describe, but there was an aura that you all presented of excellence and confidence...It was amazing...thank you all for such a fantastic and artistic evening.

Anonymous said...

Guys, that was the most incredible choral experience that I've had. It was an absolute honor to be singing with the greatest choir in alabama. It was awesome!

much love,