Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clovis, not Clouis

Nick Cummins found the arranger of Garota. I've been looking for him for years! (I had it spelled incorrectly--Clovis, not Clouis)

Clovis Pereira dos Santos
(1932-, born in Brazil)

Translated Bio:

Clovis Pereira Dos Santos, was born in day 14 of May of 1932, in the city of Caruaru. Its father was its first professor of theory and solfejo. He lived its first years in a musical environment with its clarinetista father of the Musical Band New Euterpe. To the 18 years piano with August Manoel professor moved to Recife studying Dos Santos, in the Conservatory Pernambucano de Música, where it came if to become professor and it occupied its presidency. He was pupil of the Teacher War Fish of who if it became friend. He was managing artistic of the Television Periodical of the Commecio, where per many years she was regent of the orchestra of that unit of television Participated of the Movement Armorial with Aryan Suassuna and Cussy de Almeida, composing the first representative workmanships of that movement. It possessed its proper orchestra, participating actively, and with enormous success, livening up the carnavalescos balls of the city, in the main clubs of the city. Composer of innumerable frevos of street is one of the deepest experts of our popular music. In 1974, he journeyed with the Chorale of the University of the Paraíba, as representative Brazilian, in " Fouth International Choir Festival" , presenting in the Theaters " Kennedy Center" , in Washington and " Lincoln Center Performing will be the Arts" , in New Iorque. Guest for the Government of the United States of the North America, participated, in 1986, of " Music School Administrators" visiting in those diverse parents University and musical institutions, acquiring knowledge in programs of administrations of music schools. He is diplomee in modern harmony and orquestração, for the Berkelee School of Music" , of the city of Boston. Member of the Brazilian Society of Music Contemporary. He is professor of the Federal University of Pernambuco, in the courses of Graduation in Music. Detainer of diverse prize for its works has its name registered in the British Encyclopedia " Who´s Who In Music" , in its eighth edition. Great friend of Valdemar became de Oliveira who admired for its musical knowledge and started to give its contribution to the Theater of Fans of Pernambuco of who is one of the effective partners.

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