Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Video Games Live - Today and Tomorrow

Very proud of Chamber Singers today. Mr. Wall was impressed and I was pleased.

Jennifer Fisher sent this email tonight with a recommendation:
Dr. Copeland,

I was just watching a couple of the YouTube videos of the songs we're going to be singing. You seriously might want to post a suggestion that the choir watch the one about Halo - it has both Halo songs back to back, it's a (relatively) good recording), and it shows exactly what Mr. Wall was talking about in terms of our cutoffs at the end (the jumping of the stage thing...). Anyways, it helped me better understand what he was talking about (since it's not usual choir stage directions...).


Thanks for the idea Jennifer. As you wish:

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha, i thought he meant he was going to jump off of the actual stage, not just the conductors platform