Sunday, February 26, 2006

Holly Sawardecker: Incredible Face


Marybeth Verchot said...

Sam's is pretty incredible too.

Katie Mo said...

none of our vowels match.

Clayton said...

i see the following vowels: eeee, ooo, ah, ooh, uh, errr, heuh...

What on earth are we singing?

Martin is just looking for materials to make an airplane out of. He is the new Macguyver.


Clayton said...

i also find it strange that there is no Charles or Clay pictures.

Holly Jean said...

Oh my gosh. I look like I'm on crack.

Raul V said...

Jason's I forgot to zip my fly face

Luke's you don't know what i have hidden in my pocket face

Josh's lemme tell ya somethin face

Martin's Hey I think I see another German face

Sean's muppet impression face

Mandy's well she just has a nice face

Sam's my nose itches face

Lindsey's what are we singing face

Holly's don't tell the alto's that they're off or i'll eat you face

Jess's well im just happy to be here face

Katie's Look its Johnny Depp! face

Thats just what I saw

Jonathan Hood said...

That is the best wall comment ever. I am reading this in the ETS and laughing out loud. Everyone was staring at me. Dead on. Hilarious.

Marybeth Verchot said...

Hoodie updated his blog!! The apocalypse is upon us!!