Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Word of Mouth

Choir, I wanted to share this email with you:


This is Cissy Johnson at Berry Middle School in Hoover. I got an email from my father today. He is a music educator and church musician in Morristown, Tennessee. I just wanted to share something one of his colleagues said to him:

"Kathy Bowen said that ACDA was great. She was particularly impressed with the UAB Choir. She said they were awesome."

Of course, those of us in B'ham know that. But, I think UAB Music is a well kept secret in some parts.


I'm always glad to go from unknown . . . to . . . awesome. Isn't that a wonderful note? I greatly appreciate her sending it my way.


Charles said...

Super duper!

Clayton said...

Pooper Scooper!