Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quarter = 69?

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The composer marks it at 69 beats per minute. Do you agree? Check your perfect tempo for the piece here.


Luke's Blog said...

Warning, this will be a long comment.
I like the slower tempo. It brings out all the intricate details of the piece (different la la parts, different meters, etc). I also prefer singing the piece softer than we have been. Honestly, I think our singing softer has produced some of the nicest sounds this week. Several of the most enjoyable moments on the recordings were also soft moments. Plus, we can all hear each other easier across all sections.
Now a note on our loud moments. A voice teacher once told me to sing vertically. Huh? Fill the sound in a vertical area or bubble around the body and the sound will naturally and less forcefully carry forward to your audience. I think all the hand motions you have been using this week have resembled that same statement Dr. Copeland. Don't push the sound forward or horizontally, but rather fill the sound around you. Just a thought.
Last thing, I promise. This song is the meeting of two fairies who each serve different masters. It is the introduction of the fairies to the play and sets the mood for the magical and mystical aspects of the story to come. I thought this might help with understanding what we were singing. Try reading it and looking up the words you don't know. ( Just a suggestion. Ok, just call me Kieth. What a long comment!

Clayton said...

Great comment Luke! I totally agree. I like the tempo around 80 or so.

Lauren Davidson said...

wow, great words from a fellow pre-med :) i agree with the slower tempo... i like it around 76 (after listening to the metronome) i think 69 is a little too slow but if that's what the composer intended maybe we need to explore that a little before we completely rule it out...ok and i'm about to go read the words...this is from a midsummer nights' dream right?