Monday, February 06, 2006

Special Visitor Tomorrow

We have a special guest tomorrow, Dr. Gregory Fuller from the University of Southern Mississippi.

He asked to visit and talk to our students about the graduate programs at USM.

I met him when I was still in Mississippi and he is one of the nicest and funniest guys I've ever known in this profession. I don't laugh out loud very much but this guy had me doubled over one day--I don't even remember why.

Anyway, he's got a great choir that sang at last year's National ACDA convention. Please give him all the respect you give me.

On second thought, give him more.


Clayton said...

I thought Dr Fuller was great! He shared some things about his masters program that I really wish we had here.

Desta said...

I like the color he chose to dye his beard.

Anonymous said...

Don't knock it Desta. At least he can grow a beard. ;)

Clayton said...

Yeah Desta! At least he doesnt look like he smeared glue all over his face and then rolled around on a barbershop floor for 10 minutes. Nothin' but love, Desta. :)