Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Keith asks good questions. I’ll answer:

1. Will the bus be making rest stops along the way or are there facilities onboard?
Absolutely. Frequent rest stops. Toilet on board only for emergencies.

2. Will there be a meal stipends?
Yes. In process.

3. Where will we leave our cars on campus or should we make other arrangements?
Your decision. We leave early Wednesday and return late Friday.

4. How many pieces of luggage are allowed? The way I see it, I'll need a duffel for clothes, garments bag for the tuxedo (and a heavy coat), and a "carry on" for personal items and music.
Sounds great.

5. Who is rooming with who? I think I signed up for room #13. Also, will there be private showers and such in the rooms?
Let’s sign up for rooming again. There will always be showers. And commands to take them.

6. What time does the bus depart (return trip too) and where from?
Probably 5:30 a.m. or 5:00. I know. Horrible. It is a 9 hour trip. We have a rehearsal in the hall at 6.

7. Will there be an itinerary or is it "need to know"?
Wednesday: Drive all day. Practice
Thursday: Sing in morning. Free time.
Friday: Leave at noon. Drive all day.

8. Will there be complimentary Prozac and/or sedatives for those of us who are older and of the grumpy persuasion during long road trips? :-) HA HA! 1.

Instead of complimentary drugs, we’ll just implement the silence rule: Be quiet and respectful around anyone over age 25.

9. MBV rides up front. With me.


Raul V said...

Will there be chocolate!? I mean how else do you spend 10 hours in a bus?

Marybeth Verchot said...


I won't hurt anybody, I promise. I'm more likely to curl into a ball with my ipod.

Katie Mo said...

Chocolate and PEANUT BUTTER and GOLDFISH! mmm. bus ride.