Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our Men Were Beautiful

The men began our great rehearsal today with incredibly beautiful sounds. Many thanks to Dr. John Ray and his advice about using the "nnnn" sound as a way for the tenors to place their headvoice when singing around a D above Middle C.

The men didn't see it, but I did: the women were swooning. Or, at least, Megan G was. Actually, I swooned once or twice--it was a lovely sound. Tender, yet manly. (grin)

Now . . . if I can just find out who was singing that overtone "A".

The women--were strong. Strong when they needed to be, delicate at other times.

Our goal: get better every day. Today: success at that goal.

Finally: thanks for the warm birthday wishes. I'm not the type that enjoys that kind of attention but I do appreciate your kind words, cards, and gifts.

Until tomorrow!


Raul V said...

Did you really swoon? If so, happy birthday! I felt that the basses were singing strong but not too overbearing. I actually heard/felt the overtone "A" somewhere between Andrews shoulders and my head (even ground). Of course that could just be the remnants of the spark that flew between us last week when you told us to stretch our tounges by "tounging our section". That's all the weirdness for tonight. -Chris "bassboy"

Katie Mo said...

mom called to tell me she missed my face. so i blogged myself :) haha!
I could tell you didn't feel comfortable with the birthday wishes, but I know how you feel (I can't help telling people it's my birthday but feel awkward all day just the same!

I agree that the guys sounded amazing today. I was swooning; so was the new Katie (but who wouldn't be?!).

Marybeth Verchot said...

I was seriously considering buying you a tiara for a while.

Marybeth Verchot said...

Also, upon going and re-reading my last post a few hours after writing it, I realized I sounded kind of stupid. When I said I wouldn't be singing out as much I was referring mainly to my tendancy to oversing. Not placing any blame on you or choir for it whatsoever; just me for being a little dumb. I oversang in Dr. D's choir sometimes too.

Keith said...

Many Happy Returns Dr. C! Blessings, Health and Good Fortune on you Birthday and every other day!

Clayton said...


hey, overtones happen.

Holly Jean said...

Can you email me the name of the company, an itinerary, the tour package, etc. because I need that to make further arrangements. Thank you!