Friday, January 06, 2006

Meet Sheena Phillips

Sheena is the composer of the Amazing Grace we will sing on the MLK concert on Sunday. She sent me the piece back in September after I put out a request on ChoralTalk, an email list for choral directors. I really appreciated her generosity and I like her music very much.

I emailed her and told her how much I liked and she sent me several other choral works to peruse. Isn't it great to discover new composers and new music?

There is so much wonderful choral music in this world and much of it never gets heard. We are taking the opportunity this year to introduce the southern ACDA choral directors to some other music that they haven't heard before--it is what good choirs do at conventions like the upcoming Southern Regional ACDA Convention.

I'm fortunate to have an incredible choir that can do this incredible music. More thoughts on repertoire at a later date.

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