Monday, January 16, 2006

Debbie Movelle pays high compliment

Didn't want you to miss this comment from Katie's mom:

In reference to our music selection at yesterday's concert:

YOU were what the audience came for. They wanted a tribute to Dr. King and YOU gave it to him. A comment from someone sitting near me ("All right, finally.") I had tears in my eyes as the recording of his passionate speech told us what he wanted to be remembered for at his funeral, POWERFUL. What a sermon! And you quietly processing in, WOW... you sang amazingly well, your selections were perfect.

And, a comment I didn't expect:
Your facial expressons mean so much, (I come with my binoculars now so I can watch your faces! heehee) Your attention to Dr Copeland and pleasant faces :)...what a choir Dr. Copeland has molded you into! I always love to hear you sing! (I can't get any solos from my personal choir member friends and family!) I don't miss any concerts if I can help it! Thank you for another special experience.

Good facial expressions? From my choir?

I confess, I find it difficult to judge faces when we are performing . . . I'm trying to be in the mold of music-maker at that particular moment in time, not the person working to build a great choir.

Thanks, Mrs. Movelle, for your warm and wonderful words. We are happy that people like you are out there in our audience.


CRAZY JOE said...

Clearly, Dr. Copeland invests copious amounts of faith in us. =p

Marybeth Verchot said...

Hi Desta.