Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What I learned today

Here are some observations from choir today:

1. We have a good command of the music we already learned; it won't be too difficult to bring it back and make it even better than it was last October.

2. I learned that the Alto 1's have a big sound if I harass them enough.

3. I appreciate it when people call me to tell me where they are when they can't be at choir. Maggie had a voicemail waiting for me after choir and I think there is a message or two waiting on the cell phone. Choir, I want you at every rehearsal. If, by chance, you can't be there . . . let me know where you are.

4. Remember the crap-crap-crap-good chords? Get past the crap and immediately to the great sound, please. Hear the note/chord before it happens.

5. Let's gather at 2:00 in the Alys Stephens Center on Saturday for a warmup. Plan on gathering in the choir room on Sunday at 2:30. We don't perform until the second half and we'll have a moment or two during the intermission to get ready. We are the second thing after the intermission, following a four minute piece.

That's all for now.


Katie Mo said...

that's because Alto 1s are amazing :) they just don't like to show off.

Marybeth Verchot said...