Friday, January 06, 2006


I've got to tell you, it was fabulous to be back in choir on Thursday.

I was reminded of the enormous potential in the group--your ability challenges me to do my best. I am grateful to have the opportunity.

I hope you didn't miss the emphasis I made on a couple of points:

1. Much of music is about emotion--you must feel it in yourself if you want to convey it to your audience. We must challenge ourselves to become emotionally involved in our music, the words, the tension, the release. Sometimes the text helps us--asking forgiveness, being grateful. Are you brave enough to risk becoming emotional with the music you make?

2. Don't miss the opportunity that is before you in this choir. Some will--I see it in their faces. Others, however, know that this is a special time in their lives and they embrace it. I see that, too. Delia knew how special it was; I bet she feels the same way now.

One day soon . . you will be gone from UAB. Perhaps you will realize how special it was to be in a choir like you are in now--and you will be glad you were in it. I wonder . . .

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