Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Warm Words from Dan Gainey

Dan Gainey, married to the lovely Dr. Denise Gainey on our music faculty, sent me this note today:


Just wanted to take a minute and send you a complimentary note for your portion of the MLK "Reflect and Rejoice" tribute with the ASO on Sunday. The group looked fantastic, and sounded even better. The tone you set with the recorded MLK speech as they processed down the aisles set the mood for the two songs you chose and they were a perfect complement to the rest of the program. The audience must have loved it as much as I did as they applauded for the entire time it took for the choir to exit the stage.

Kudos to you and the DOM Choir!

Dan Gainey
Director of Production and Facilities
Alys Stephens Center

Thanks so much, Dan!

FYI: DOM=Department of Music

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Lauren Davidson said...

WOW, i didn't even pay attention to the clapping, i think i just assumed they would be like any other audience at the Alys, not completely appreciative...anyways, so, they really liked us?? haha